Gospodinele.net is a website dedicated to Italy & Italian Cuisine. We like to eat good food but in order to eat good food you have to learn how to cook great food.

Most of the content on the site is produced and published by my nonna, Floriana. She owned a restaurant in Italy before coming to the United States when she got married.

At her restaurant she was known for cooking some of the most tasty Italian meals that were both traditional and elegant. Everyone called her Mamma Floriana.

She will use this site to share some of her favorite recipes and teach others some of her secrets. I’ll help her with the website & will share what she’s taught me through the years. Some of the content will be posted in english and some will be posted in Italian… some in both.

I’m her grandson, Marco.

We hope you enjoy! As they say in Italy: Buon Appetito!